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Your Life’s Affairs: Getting them out of your head and onto paper / Introduction

Your Life’s Affairs: Getting them out of your head and onto paper

Welcome to the Funeral Co-operate of Ottawa’s 6 part weekly series of short articles to be published on our website commencing today, April 4, 2022.

It is our hope that the subjects we have chosen will easily guide you through taking all that information about your life that you’ve stored up in your head and be able to write everything down easily in a simple, structured fashion.

 We all KNOW that we should be doing this, but how? It can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s take it one step at a time, together.

 Here’s a look at our upcoming weekly topics:

April 4 – Welcome, & The Importance of Writing Things Down

April 11 - Your Personal and Family Statistics

April 19 - Important documents

April 25 - Utilities, Memberships, Banking and Financials

May 2 – Sharing Your Life’s Memories

May 9 – Planning for Your End of Life Moments


April 4, 2022

Part 1 – The importance of writing things down

Let’s face it, we’re talking about death. It’s not about getting sentimental, it’s about getting organized and having a plan.

The most significant reason for writing things down now is to reduce emotional stress on your loved ones later and who wouldn’t want that? What you may consider unimportant could be very significant information.

For instance - everyone knows what bank you deal with, right? Who your lawyer is? Where your parents were born? What you did for a living? That your half-brother lives in a different country? You subscribe to 2 newspapers? That you want to be cremated? Your favorite flower is a rose and you abhor lilies?

 Most of us carry around so much information in our heads but we never take the time to write things down for others to access easily later. What DOES your family need to know?

Death will eventually happen to each one of us and it may be unexpected. Take the time to organize and document and you’ll be doing your loved ones a huge favor.

 It’s time to get your life’s affairs in order sooner rather than later. Let’s get all that information out of your head and down on paper!

Are you excited? Don’t forget to come back to read Part 2 on April 11, 2022

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