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Jarraway, David Raymond

JARRAWAY, David Raymond

1949 - 2022

David Raymond Jarraway

April 26, 1949 – March 5, 2022



It is with deep sorrow that the family of David Raymond Jarraway announces his passing on the evening of March 5, 2022, after a courageous battle with cancer.

David grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and attended Lakeview High School. He completed a Bachelor of Arts in English (Hons.) and a Bachelor of Arts in Education at Lakehead University. He joined the Lakehead Board of Education, where he taught for fourteen years while completing a Master’s Degree in English at the University of Toronto in 1977.

David left the Lakehead Board of Education to pursue a Ph.D. in American Studies at Brown University, where upon entrance he was awarded the Untermeyer Fellowship. On completing his Ph.D., he was appointed Adjunct Professor in English at St. John’s University, Minnesota. He subsequently returned to Canada, to teach at the University of Ottawa for twenty-seven years, specializing in Modern American Literature and Film Studies. Upon retirement in 2018, he was appointed Professor Emeritus. During his career and in retirement, David published three books on American Modernism, edited an anthology of essays, and published many essays and reviews.

David was a passionate musician, playing flute with the Thunder Bay Symphony for several years before taking up the study of the cello in Ottawa, and joining the Parkdale Orchestra, in which he played for many seasons. David was also an avid traveler with his partner Ian, immersing himself in the varied cultures of Central and South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Close friends will recall David’s culinary skills—his Orphan Christmas Dinners became an annual festive tradition—and were keen to enjoy the results of his digital photography, a hobby he was finally able to take up in retirement. David had an ardent love of learning throughout his life, most recently transmitting it to others by joining the faculty of the Lifelong Learning Program at Carleton University.

David was predeceased by his parents Raymond and Pauline, and by a brother-in-law, Ray Siuksteris. He is survived by his dear husband, Ian McDonald, by three sisters, Margaret Martin (Rod) and Beverley Stubbings (Tom), both of Thunder Bay, and Sharon Siuksteris of Saskatoon, in addition to several nieces and nephews.

The family would like to thank the doctors, nurses and other medical staff who took such great care of David both in and out of hospital. Their care and compassion shown was greatly appreciated.

A memorial service to celebrate David’s life will be held at St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church in Ottawa, 154 Somerset Street West on Thursday, April 28th, 2022 at 11 o'clock.  In lieu of flowers and tributes, contributions to the Ottawa Humane Society would be greatly appreciated.

To attend the memorial service virtually, please copy and paste the link below in your browser. 


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Ian McDonald and the Jarraway Family

It was always rewarding and a pleasure to work with David over the decades at University of Ottawa. Along with his intelligence and work ethic, he had great spirit, so could always be counted on for insight, time productively spent, and a laugh.

Gerald Lynch, March 10, 2022

Ian McDonald, the Jarraway Family, and Andrew and Cynthia Hubbertz

We were very sorry to learn about the passing of your husband, brother(-in-law), uncle, and friend. Though we never had the pleasure of meeting David ourselves, we always heard what a wonderful and caring person he was. He will obviously be greatly missed by all his near and dear, but we sincerely hope your cherished memories will bring each of you comfort and peace.

Mary Ann and Carol Tisdall, March 12, 2022

Ian McDonald & family

We are so sorry to hear that David passed away. We got to know him through our good friends, Andrew and Cynthia Hubbertz. We immediately liked him--he was a wonderful fellow, and we wish we could have spent more time with both of you. We would like to express our heart-felt condolences to you and your family.

Renate Peters & Michael Taft, March 14, 2022

Ian McDonald

It was a pleasure to know you and David for so long. I am very glad I was able to visit you both last August. Will think of David whenever I watch film noir. Thinking of you both. Karen

Karen MacLaurin, March 16, 2022

Ian MacDonald

Mr. Jarraway taught me at Lakeview. Absolutely, the best teacher I ever had. Funny, kind, caring, and above all entertaining. We still talk about him 30 years later. My deepest condolences to you on the loss of a wonderful man.

David McCulloch, March 16, 2022

Mr. Jarraway

He was one of my favourite teachers. Kind, clever, and always able to bring out the best in his students.
My sincere condolences to his family, friends and fellow students. The world was lucky to have him in it.

Lakeview HS class of ‘87

Carolyn (Dyck) Pleasance, March 17, 2022


He was our teacher, a wonderful mentor and incredible human being. He will be missed by many of his students from Lakeview High-school (where he ignited & impassioned students). ♥️
Our sincere sympathies.

Chad & Charmaine Cades

Chad & Charmaine Cades, March 17, 2022

Ian McDonald and the Jarraway family

I was lucky enough to be a student in Dave's Grade 12 English class at Lakeview High. Attending his class was a joy and I have thought of him often over the years. He was a treasure as both a teacher and a man. Please accept my sincerest condolences.

John Payetta, March 17, 2022

David's husband and family

I am sending my deepest condolences on David's passing. I am a former student from Lakeview Highschool and was fortunate to have David as my drama teacher. It was one of my best memories. He made a lasting impression on me. I am glad I had the opportunity to meet him and will always cherish those memories.
Kelly Massaro-Joblin

Kelly Massaro-Joblin, March 17, 2022

Ian McDonald

Mr Jarraway was my English teacher at Lakeview Highschool and inspired a love of reading and books that remains with me today. My condolences to his husband and family.

Anne (Proctor) Reiffenstein , March 17, 2022

The family

I am so sorry to hear the sad news. Back at Lakeview in 1980 Dave (Mr. Jarraway) was one of the most influential teachers I ever had. He was funny, he was inspiring and he helped me open my eyes and turn my life around. I will never forget him and his grade 11 English class and I am forever grateful to you Dave, you were a great man!

Robert Shubat, March 17, 2022

Ian McDonald and the Jarraway family

I write to record my great sadness at the loss of David Jarraway, a cherished colleague at the University of Ottawa and a friend. As a reader of literature, David was exemplary, relentlessly keen to explore new literary worlds and to say acute things about them. His critical interests were both broad and deep. His love of American literature, particularly 20th-century poetry, developed in fascinating ways as he himself changed over the course of his career. Students loved him, and the feeling was richly reciprocated. In short, David was very good at what he did and the source of good in others. He devoted himself to non-academic pursuits with equal devotion, for example, the cello. We sometimes traded links to exchange music of mutual interest. Even though I couldn’t play a note on any instrument but the piano, David taught me new ways to think about "Casals for Cello Solo". In response to my urging he confessed how moved he had been by Janine Jansen’s performance of Britten’s "Violin Concerto (op. 15)". David was also an avid traveler and a citizen of the world, accompanied by his insightful, erudite, compassionate, wise and loving partner Ian. Rejoicing in David's blithe spirit will help keep the shadows at bay, but he will be sorely missed.

David Rampton, March 18, 2022

Dear Ian

Karen and I remember the professor with fondness. We send our condolences to his family, friends and those who loved him.

Anne, March 19, 2022

Ian McDonald

C'est avec tristesse que j'ai appris la disparition de David .Toutes mes condoleances á sa famille et á toi Ian . Avec toute mon amitié

Martine , March 28, 2022

Ian McDonald et famille Jarraway

J’ai eu le privilege d’enseigner a David a ses débuts dans l’apprentissage du violoncelle. C’était un être exceptionnel dont l’intelligence, la vivacité d’esprit étaient sources inépuisables de recherche, de savoir et de curiosité. La qualité de sa presence était lumineuse en toutes circonstances. David savait faire ressortir le meilleur en chacun de nous.
Mes sincères condoléances a son conjoint et a sa famille.

Anne Contant, March 30, 2022

Ian, Margaret, Beverley, and Sharon

Professor Jarraway taught me at the University of Ottawa in the early 1990’s. After having him as my English professor in my first year, I decided to major in English and signed up for every Jarraway course I could fit into my schedule! I loved his energy and enthusiasm, and I still remember the passion he brought to every class.

I am now a teacher and school administrator myself, and I am proud to say that David had a profound influence on me as an educator. My sincere condolences to your family.

Pascale Michaud, April 2, 2022

Ian McDonald

Dear Ian,
I was deeply saddened to hear that David had passed away. After David left the Parkdale Orchestra we lost touch but I thought of him often. Sometimes I would run into him when he was out on his bike. David was, for many seasons, an integral member of the cello section. He also was a board member and as you know took on the preparation of the orchestras programs. The orchestra members, our then music director and the audience loved his programs which were always exquisitely written. My thoughts are with you, his sisters and his nieces and nephews.

Liane Luton, Parkdale Orchestra
April 2, 2022

Liane Luton, April 2, 2022

Ian McDonald and the family

I was deeply saddened at the news of David's passing. I will always cherish my memories of him at Hammarskjold High, where we were colleagues and friends. His irreverent wit, keen intellect, and astonishing array of talents and interests were a perpetual delight, whether we were 'getting up' our English courses for the coming year, or sharing many a laugh over dinner or a beverage outside the classroom. When he moved on to Brown, and subsequently his distinguished academic career, I knew he had found his calling. Finding a loving partner crowned it all.
My condolences to Ian and the family. We will all miss him.

Guy Coutanche

Guy Coutanche, April 2, 2022

Ian McDonald and the Jarraway family

The lucky among us can point to one teacher who changed our lives. For me, that teacher was Mr. Jarraway. I loved my Hammarskjold High School grade nine English class with him so much that I got permission to take grade twelve and thirteen English in the same year, just to make sure I would have him a second time. And when I applied to university, torn between two quite different directions, the enjoyment I had found in Mr. Jarraway’s classes convinced me that studying English was what I most wanted to do. That English degree led to a thirty year career in book publishing, work that often prompts memories of Mr. Jarraway’s infectious love of literature and his truly gifted teaching abilities. His wit and energy inside the classroom and out also gave rise to some of my favourite funny stories about high school. I swear I was telling one just the other day. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I can only imagine how much he will be missed.

Meg Masters, April 2, 2022

Ian McDonald and Jarraway family

I had Mr. Jarraway as a student teacher at Hammarskjold High School for a few weeks in the early 1970s and then was lucky enough to have him in two more grades after that. Best teacher I've had at any level, including university. Simply amazing.

Barry Ward, April 2, 2022

To the friends and family of David

So sad to hear that David has passed. David taught me English and he also oversaw the drama club of which I was took part. In English class he would stage scenes from Shakespeare and we all took part. It was there I discovered the incredible rush of performing someone else's words in front of people. I'd always loved performing in front of people but this was different.
Thank you David for your encouragement and respect and for being a part of my development as an actor...

Joe Bechta , April 3, 2022

Ian McDonald and the Jarraway family

Mr Jarraway had a powerful effect on all of us who had the opportunity to have him as an English teacher at Lakeview High school. He obviously loved English literature and spread this love to his students but he also brought his other interests to the classroom, including film. I found a kindred spirit in David. He was a born actor and lead the restart of the drama club that I was a part of including a short play. He gave so much of himself and we always had the feeling he truly liked us as individual people. I could go on but I think you see that after 40+ years, his impact on his high school students lives on and therefore his legacy. My sincere condolences. Kathleen Lynch

Kathleen Lynch, April 12, 2022

David’s family

I met David at the Parkdale Orchestra, where he played in the cello section. At rehearsals, it was always a pleasure to chat with him. David was a kind and well-spoken person and I enjoyed our conversations very much.
The programs he wrote for our concerts were very professional and well-loved by the audience and members alike. My sincere condolences to the family.
Lisa Hurst (bassoonist at the Parkdale Orchestra)

Lisa Hurst, April 26, 2022


Professor Jarraway was one of my favourite teachers during my undergrad. He was my advisor for a special study on the synthesis of Emily Dickinson poetry and Aaron Copland’s musical setting. I spent a summer delving into it with him and to this day, it is one of my most treasured memories of school. He was also my American Lit professor…this class honestly changed my life. I woke up to a world that was rich in symbolism and texture. I will never forget studying Moby Dick under his tutelage with 3 other students. We achieved an unheard of A+.
My deepest condolences to David’s family and friends. He was a one of a kind.

Cara Gilbertson, April 28, 2022

Ian and David’s Loved Ones

We are so saddened to hear of David’s passing. We moved next door to David in the heart of the Pandemic and David was such a kind and welcoming neighbour to us. We wish we had the opportunity to visit more with David and Ian (but unfortunately the Pandemic prevented this). We will be making a donation to the Humane Society in David’s name, we shared a love of cats and he and Rita are reunited again. Sending you all strength during this difficult time.

Lorin and Mitchell , April 28, 2022

Ian McDonald and family

I am very sorry to have just heard the sad new about David’s passing, my deepest sympathy to the whole family and I am going to miss David’s visits to me to cut his hair. He was more like a family member for many years.

Fay Alkadri , May 10, 2022

Ian and Jarraway family.…

David and I were good pals all through elementary, high school and lakehead U. I see him in our yearbooks and remember him fondly. We will miss his humour, gifted nature, and compassion.

Marcus Slotiuk , October 13, 2022

Ian and Jarraway family.…

David and I were good pals all through elementary, high school and lakehead U. I see him in our yearbooks and remember him fondly. We will miss his humour, gifted nature, and compassion.

Marcus Slotiuk , October 13, 2022

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