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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

General questions

How does the Funeral Co-operative differ from other Ottawa choices?

We do not "upsell". Our staff is paid on a salaried basis, rather than on commission. We keep our costs down by using facilities in the community for visitations, religious and memorial services and receptions. You choose the location, whether a place of worship, banquet hall, community centre, legion hall, private home, or any location of special significance to you. Our funeral director makes all necessary arrangements according to your wishes. The Co-op commits to providing the best services possible to meet your budget in a dignified manner that meets your needs and honours your traditions.

How is the Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa managed?

The Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa is managed by a licensed funeral director and a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the members. The Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa is incorporated, operated by fully-qualified professional staff, and subject to the laws and regulations which govern funeral services and cooperatives in Ontario.

How much do funeral arrangements cost?

All funeral arrangements are priced on a not-for-profit basis, giving members the best value for money. Depending on the services chosen, costs may be substantially lower than other Ottawa funeral providers. Anyone may use the services of the Funeral Co-operative but members receive a 10% reduction on professional services and merchandise.

How much does it cost to become a member?

Each household member 18 years of age or older pays a one-time, non-refundable membership fee of $35 which entitles them to access the services. Dependent children living at home under the age of 25 are covered under their parent’s membership. Anyone may use the services of the Funeral Co-operative but members receive a 10% reduction on services.

In what languages does the Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa operate? Who does it serve?

The Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa staff are bilingual and professionally trained to meet the needs of all cultures and communities, whether religious or secular.  Our co-op can make arrangements to accommodate those who speak languages other than French or English as needed.

What does it mean to become a member? Would I have any responsibilities?

Members of the Co-operative can participate in the development of the co-operative by attending member meetings and voting at the Annual General Meeting, but are not required to do so. The degree of involvement is up to you. Member suggestions and questions are always welcome.

What is a funeral co-operative?

A funeral co-operative is a funeral home that is community owned and operated by its members, a community initiative to provide its members with compassionate, high quality funeral arrangements on a not-for-profit basis. Examples of other co-operatives in the Ottawa area include Mountain Equipment Co-op, Alterna Savings, The Co-operators Insurance, La Coopérative Agricole d'Embrun,

Funeral co-operatives are not a new idea. One of the oldest funeral co-ops in Canada was founded in Sudbury, Ontario in 1952. Funeral co-operatives are very well established in Quebec and the Maritimes. In the past, funeral costs in Quebec were the highest of any Canadian province. In recent years, funeral co-operatives in Quebec have made them the least expensive in the country.

La Co-opérative funéraire de l'Outaouais (CFO) was established in Gatineau in 1979 with 1,000 members. Today the co-operative has 12,500 members and handles 75% of all funerals in the Outaouais region. We are inspired by the Outaouais success. 

What services does the Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa provide?

The Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa provides a complete range of funeral services. Our licensed funeral director meets with the family to discuss options and to help make decisions about arrangements at time of need. Pre-arrangement or pre-payment for your funeral can be made in advance.We make a commitment to you that we will not try to sell you any funeral arrangements that you do not need or want (no "upselling").