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Privacy Policy

The Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa knows how important privacy is to our members and customers. As a funeral service provider, we have a professional and legal responsibility to keep confidential all personal information that we collect in the course of our business. Our Privacy Policy demonstrates how we implement this obligation.

Why we collect personal information:

This information is required to identify the purchasers and beneficiaries of prepaid services and funeral arrangements; to provide our services; to comply with legislative and regulatory requirements; and to arrange for invoicing.

How personal information is used:

We do not sell, trade or give away any personal information provided to us. We share information with third parties only if required by law; or if expressly authorised in person and/or in writing; or for the provision of a service or product supplied by a third party as part of our services (e.g. religious body, coroner, cemetery, florist, newspaper, insurance company, government).

How we protect personal information:

We provide a copy of this Privacy Policy to our staff, as well as to a small number of selected volunteers, and train them in the maintaining of personal information; we also require them to sign a confidentiality agreement. We ensure that paper-based personal information is kept in a secure area that is protected from unauthorized access. We also use up-dated security measures to protect electronic data.

How members and customers may access their personal information:

They may at any time request access to their personal information in our files and may request that it be corrected or updated, subject to our confirmation that the person seeking access is listed on our contract or member lists.

Questions or complaints:

If there is a question about the use of personal information or access to personal information; or if there is a desire to withdraw a consent previously provided; or if there is a complaint: the issue should be addressed to us at The President, Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa Inc., 419 St. Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa ON K1K 2Z8.

If a member or customer is not satisfied with this response:

Please contact the Bereavement Authority of Ontario at 100 Sheppard Ave E Suite 505, North York, ON M2N 6N5

Last updated: April 2019