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Ball, Loran Raymond (Ray)

BALL, Loran Raymond (Ray)

1936 - 2020

Loran Raymond (Ray) Ball, 83, of Ottawa, Ontario, passed away on August 12, 2020 after a lengthy illness. He was born to parents Loran and Isabel Ball, on 12/11/1936 in Granby, Quebec.

Ray was the adoring and dedicated father of Karen (Ottawa), James (San Diego) and Stephen (Calgary). He was also the proud grandfather of nine grandchildren - Kaitlyn and Lauren (Karen), Jeremy, Cynthia, Christopher (James), Amanda, Matthew, Julia, Katie (Stephen).

Ray leaves behind numerous other family members, including his treasured sister, Leona, as well as many close friends from Lions Club, Retired Teachers and many other close friendships he developed over the years. Ray was an invaluable member of the many Lions clubs that he served, and most recently, as a LIFE Member of the Cumberland Lions Club. Also, the praiseworthy and commendable contributions that he made as a member of the District A4 Lions Cabinet were truly appreciated and touched many lives. Ray earned many awards of recognition, including the Judge Brian Stevenson Fellowship Medal which recognizes outstanding Canadian Lions and is one of the greatest honors that can be bestowed in Lionism in Canada and the Melvin Jones fellow for dedicated humanitarian services.

As a youth in Granby, Quebec, Ray attended Granby High School while sneaking out a classroom window on occasion to go to the pool hall or play a round of golf on the course beside his house.

As an adult, after graduating from Bishops University with his BA, and then BEd, he worked as a History teacher, Principal, Guidance counselor and Head of Guidance for over 40 years in Quebec and Ontario, obtaining first a MEd and then an MA in Special Education from OISE, and retiring from Central Algoma Secondary School in Northern Ontario.        

Ray connected so quickly with people as he was always genuinely interested in other people's life stories and making connections, developing strong relationships, always respecting and enjoying the diversity of people's experiences. Walking through the mall in Sault Ste. Marie could often take an extended period of time as many acquaintances, as well as current and former students, stopped Ray to say hello. He always remembered their names and stories. His generosity to anyone in need meant that the family would sometimes wake up in the morning to find a stranger sleeping on the living room couch.

Ray was a role model to his children in many aspects of parenting as his children and grandchildren always knew that they could count on his unwavering support and presence, no matter how far he had to drive or in what kind of weather. Ray attended every celebration, big or small, for his children and grandchildren. In Ottawa, Ray was well-known as the number one fan for his granddaughters' soccer and hockey games.

Ray was definitely King of the Road Trips, with the family (and others) all piling into the station wagon for a day trip involving a hike somewhere or a longer adventure when school was on break. Somehow, no matter how much Ray had to pack into the car, he always managed to carve out a spot at the back of the station wagon for the boys to play cars or one child to stretch out (pre-mandatory seat belts).

Ray loved the family cottage at Lac d'Argent in Quebec, both as a child growing up there with his parents and grandparents, and watching his children and grandchildren enjoy the same experiences. Ray ensured that the children had opportunities to experience all different types of outdoor and indoor activities, looking for sport and educational activities in all kinds of weather. Although Ray and Pat (married in 1961) divorced after twenty-six years of marriage, they continued to have an amicable relationship as sharing special occasions and supporting children and grandchildren continued to be a joint priority.

Ray's family would like to thank his wide circle of friends, local and across Canada, who visited and called him frequently during his lengthy illness. The calls and visits meant a lot to him and to our whole family. We would also like to thank Baylor Johnson for providing companionship care to our father during his lengthy inpatient stay. He loved being taken out to the garden at St Vincent and watching home reno shows together.

A celebration of Ray's life will be held at Lac d'Argent on Saturday, August 22 at 2pm, with immediate family in attendance. Friends are welcome to join by Zoom to share in reminiscing.

The link may be found to join the family in celebrating Rays' life at,

 Password 650134

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Lions Club projects below:

Camp Banting, C / O CHEO Foundation, 415 Smyth Rd, Ottawa, ON K1H 8M8

Lions Foundation of Canada, 152 Wilson Street, Oakville, ON L6K 0G8

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Que ce message vous apporte le témoignage d'une sympathie profonde et sincère.

Coopérative funéraire, August 14, 2020


May this message bring you the testimony of a profound and sincere sympathy.

Fu, August 14, 2020

Lion Ray Ball was a very special person in all aspects of his heart and soul. He was a very positive person who was ready to help his friends and anyone who needed him. He gave so deeply of himself and we are all very blessed to have had him as a friend and a Lion. He so loved the time he spent with his fellow Lions in the Cumberland Lions Club and the camaraderie with Lions across the District.

I am forever thankful for the support he gave to me in serving the Lions in our District.

My sincere condolences to his family and to the members of your Club. He will be greatly missed.

David Howard, PDG District A4, August 14, 2020

The Ball Family

There are many stories that will be told about Lion Ray but the most important one is how he was a mentor to Lions and teachers. He gave everyone as much time as they needed and asked nothing in return.
Two of my favorite stories are when he had prostate cancer and was having radiation. He would drive to the Ottawa Hospital General Campus, park his car five blocks away; ride his bike to the Cancer Centre and have his treatment. After his treatment he would do the reverse but then go out and play 18 holes of golf. Boy did he love playing golf.
Another position Lion Ray held was the Multiple District No Child Without Project which made sure that no child who needed a Medic Alert Bracelet went without one. With our partnership with Medic Alert thousand of dollars was raised for this project.

Andy Etherington, August 14, 2020

Karen Ball and Family

HI Karen,

Lion Ray was my very best friend. You probably remember
when I helped him move on my Birthday.
The day that I played guitar for his Birthday, etc.

Ray was a former Guidance Counselor, School Principal, and the one person
that I could count on when my life as a teacher in an inner city
school was unbearable.

Ray always had the correct answers and I was able to help many of my
former students solve their problems.

Ray persuaded me that being behind a counter was like being a Bartender.
Students will come to talk about their problems.
So Get you guidance part 1.

I was the school librarian who was helping students learn french, I
gave guitar lessons after school. etc. One of my former students even
got a recording contract.

Several times, I had to deal with students who were on a suicide watch list.
Ray knew exactly what questions I should ask? When to Keep quiet and
listen? etc.

I still remember ,Ray telling me in the middle of the school year, to
get my guidance part 2.

I was already over worked. the idea of staying up until
one in the morning taking an on line course did not appeal to me.

I was already coming to school early in the morning to finish up the library work
so I would have time for guidance.

Ray was very persuasive.
" I am sorry for the inconvenience
This student has problems that are beyond my expertise.
This is a life and death situation.
This student refuses to receive help from anyone else but you!
There is no other solution!"
"Enroll in Guidance part 2, immediately.
Explain to the instructor what is happening."
Thank God I followed Ray's advice and this story had a happy ending

I want to plant a tree in Ray's honour. From Terry and Beatrice Craig.
RTO is going to plant a tree as well
My condolences to you and your family.
Lion Terry Craig
Past President of the Cumberland Lion's Club
Past President ERO/RTO Ottawa

Lion Terry Craig, August 14, 2020

Karen, James, Stephen, Family Members & Friends,

Muriel and I were saddened by the news of Ray's passing. When Ray celebrated his 80th birthday, were so happy that we got to celebrate that special day with his family and friends. There can be no doubt though, that on that enjoyable day, Ray was by far the happiest person in the room. He was always at 'his very best' when he was surrounded by a loving and caring family and dear friends. And he thoroughly enjoyed talking about his family and friends in a complimentary and praiseworthy way. There are lots of great stories to be told about Ray Ball, and most of them will involve some special thing that he did for someone. As a Lion, Ray volunteered for just about every fund raiser that was organized by the Cumberland Lions Club. It didn't matter if he was not feeling the best, he had to be there. When we did our Adopt-a-Road / Adopt-a-Park Environmental Project, Lion Ray drove his vehicle up and down the roadway to deliver bottled water and cookies, and to pick up the full bags of debris. When we had events in Maple Hall, Ray would work at the admission table and welcome guests into the club. Whenever there was a Lion's Golf Tournament, you did not have to ask Ray twice if he wanted to be a member of a foursome . . . it was a given. What was most enjoyable about playing golf with Ray was, whenever he would hit a bad shot, (and there were a few), he would remind us about what a good golfer he used to be. We are going to miss Ray at our club events and on the golf course. But the good news is this - we will forever cherish and be thankful for the memories of all the enjoyable times that were shared.
Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. God Bless.

Ray Lebeau, August 14, 2020

Karen Ball & Family

The loss to the Lions will be a major one.
This saddens us very deeply.
Gordon & Charlotte Kerluke

Gordon & Charlotte Kerluke, August 14, 2020

All who knew Lion Ray

He was a great man and Lion and I will miss him more than I can say. I spent countless hours traveling with Lion Ray when I was a new Lion. We traveled thru much of Ontario and western Quebec. He loved telling people how he enjoyed traveling with a woman half his age. He taught me much about Lionism and life.
Rest well my friend.

Lion Kim, August 15, 2020

Ball Family

Please accept our deepest condolennces on the passing of Lion Ray.
Always ready to serve ...Lion Ray was quick to respond to my request to chair our newest Lion program at the time - No Child Without. His successes in District A-4 had me then appointing him to chair this same program in our Ontario Multiple District.
His leadership and vision to the task redefined the project for all Lions. A true lion and friend I am forever grateful for having worked with Ray.
May the peace that comes from our memories continue to comfort us all

Al Page. ( Past Council Chair MD 'A'), August 15, 2020

Ray Ball

My condolences on the passing of Ray. I taught with Ray at CASS and carpooled with him for several years. He was highly respected and good guy.

Duncan McKenzie, August 16, 2020

Karen Ball and Family

Dear Karen and Family,

My name is Gail Taillon and I am the English Goodwill Rep for RTO/ERO, an organization that your father served on with the utmost dedication for many years. On behalf of the members of RTO/ERO Ottawa-Carleton District 27, I would like to offer my sincere condolences to you and your family. Ray was a lovely man, who gave his insight, wisdom and experience so graciously during our many meetings together. He will truly be missed by everyone around the table. In memory of your father, a donation is being made to the Ottawa-Carleton District 27 RTO/ERO foundation.

My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.

Gail Taillon
RTO/ERO English Goodwill Rep
Ottawa-Carleton District 27

Gail Taillon, August 16, 2020

Karen Ball & Ray Ball's Family

So sorry to hear about Ray's passing. Verda and I send our condolences and we wish your family well in dealing with the loss of a father who was so proud of his children. He loved to share news of his family and I will remember him for our golfing games and time spent together at the cottage. I was always amazed by his wonderful memory. We enjoyed so many good times together over the years. Thanks for letting me know.

Eugene Tully, August 16, 2020

Karen Ball

Oh Karen, I am so sorry.
Your Dad played a significant role in my career. In fact, he was a mentor and always found a way to encourage me to consider administration. His memory was amazing and he always went above and beyond to help any student. He advocated especially for students with disabilities before it was considered politically correct to do so.
I will miss his birthday phone calls and his stories.
I will let CASS staff know and include his obituary.

With my deepest sympathy,
Carol Neave

Carol Neave, August 16, 2020

Karen Ball

Oh Karen, I am so sorry.
Your Dad played a significant role in my career. In fact, he was a mentor and always found a way to encourage me to consider administration. His memory was amazing and he always went above and beyond to help any student. He advocated especially for students with disabilities before it was considered politically correct to do so.
I will miss his birthday phone calls and his stories.
I will let CASS staff know and include his obituary.

With my deepest sympathy,
Carol Neave

Carol Neave, August 16, 2020

Ray's family

I worked closely with Ray at CASS for over 20 years. We were colleagues and friends. His skills and insights into the needs of our students were invaluable setting members of the CASS community on a positive track.
My sympathies to you all. He will be missed.

Robert E. (Bob) Lewis, August 16, 2020


I worked with Ray at CASS from 1983 until his retirement. He was a wonderful teacher. My sincere condolences.

Monica Keating, August 17, 2020

The Ball Family

I was saddened to learn of the loss of your father, Ray. A gentleman and a scholar, I knew Ray as a Lion. Lion Ray was quick to offer a kind word of encouragement accompanied with his 10,000 megawatt smile that could light up any room he chose to grace. As a young(ish) Lion leader, Lion Ray was generous with his advice as I learned the ropes of Lionism. I will always remember his incandescent enthusiasm, zest for life, and prodigious energy. As you well know, Ray didn't do anything in half measures. This I found inspirational! A Lion's Lion, Ray provided leadership to the No Child Without campaign, Camp Banting, and anything diabetes related. He forged inter-organizational bonds that will form part of his legacy to the National Capital Region and Lions Multiple District A4. But, Lion Ray was also a friend, always ready with a warm greeting and quick to inquire as to the welfare of our family, and telling me I was sensational! How can you not love someone like Ray? He had a gift of making you believe in yourself as much as he did! Lion Ray will be sorely missed. The Cantley Lions Club joins me in sending our deepest condolences to your family. We will plan a fitting tribute to your dear Dad.

Kristina Jensen, August 17, 2020

Ray's children, Karen, James and Stephen. Grandchildren - Kaitlyn and Lauren (Karen), Jeremy, Cynthia, Christopher (James), Amanda, Matthew, Julia, Katie (Stephen).

I am so sorry for your loss.
I feel sure that you will all feel surrounded by much love, specially during these difficult times.

Georgette Dorcich, August 17, 2020

Ray Ball

“Ray, You Will Be Greatly Missed. I Cant imaging how hard this will be for your familly members however I take comfort In that you are no longer In a hospital but in a better place entirley. i will personally miss you greatly, remembering all the long chats we had and the many chinese buffets you loved so much. I will miss you.”


John MacDonald, August 19, 2020

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