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Nowosielski, Maria


1937 - 2024

Maria Anna (Maryna) Nowosielski (nee Kozubal) passed away June 15 th , 2024 in Ottawa, ON. She was born in Krosno, Poland on April 14 th , 1937 to Edmund and Katarzyna (Waclawik) Kozubal. As a child, Maryna experienced the outbreak of World War II, and the loss of a younger brother during the war due to the lack of medical treatment and the death of her father when she was ten years old. She lived through Nazi and Russian occupations of her native Poland. Despite these challenges, Maryna remained optimistic and positive throughout her life, able to see the good in any situation.

Having completed her undergraduate studies at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków in 1961, Maryna came to the United States, undertaking post-graduate studies towards a Ph.D at Harvard University. She was welcomed to Massachusetts by members of her mother's family who had settled in and around Boston, Taunton and New Bedford, Massachusetts.

In September 1966, she married Jozef (Ziuk) Nowosielski in Cambridge, MA. They moved to Montreal, QC, where they had two sons, Danek and Leszek. While in Montreal, Maryna completed a master's degree at McGill University in 1974 in Library Science, after which she worked at various research and university libraries, including the McLennan and Polish Libraries at McGill University. In 1977 she moved to Ottawa to start a new job with the National Library of Canada. From 1980 to 1991, she was Head of Technical Services and Automation at the federal Employment and Immigration Canada (EIC) Library. In February 1992, she became Acting Director of the EIC Library. As Acting Departmental Librarian, Human Resources Development Canada during her tenure, she integrated the staff, collections, and databases of four different departments (EIC, Labour, Health and Welfare, and Secretary of State). In 1993, she received a gold medal for leadership and innovation in the use of information technology as part of the Federal Awards program. Maryna finished her career in the public service as Director of Acquisitions at the National Library of Canada.

Maryna (and Jozef) resided in Old Ottawa East/Brantwood Park and enjoyed traveling, gardening, her Puli dogs, the outdoors, and friendships with neighbors in the community.

Maryna was predeceased by her husband (Ziuk) and brothers (Antoni and Andrzej). She is survived by her sons Danek (France) Nowosielski, Leszek (Geneviève) Nowosielski, and five grandchildren (Erik, Jessica, Audrey, Emil and Zofia).

A funeral mass will be observed at Canadian Martyrs Church (100 Main St, Ottawa, ON) on June 29 th , 2024 at 11 AM. A reception will be held after the funeral to share stories of Maryna's life. A private burial will be held at Beechwood Cemetery following the mass for immediate family members.

In lieu of flowers a donation to the Bruyere Foundation (Palliative Care) would be welcome since they took such wonderful care of Maryna in her last days.

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Danek and Leszek Nowosielski

My sincere sympathies to the family. I share your sadness.

Goodbye My Friend, you will be missed, your intelligence, lively energy, pride in your family, sense of humour and yes, your amazing green thumb.


Honorata Pienkowska, June 24, 2024

Danek and Leszek and their families

I am heartbroken to know that Maryna is no longer with us to grace us with her beautiful smile, her positive and cheerful outlook in Life. She was a person of great inner strength who faced obstacles and challenges with grace and determination. I admired her ability to get things done where others would have given up. Maryna, you were a true force of nature. I will miss you. Your family will find strength in remembering how lucky they were to be blessed with a mother who so deeply loved and guided you both.

Willi Devonish, June 25, 2024

Danek and Leszek

Maryna’s presence in our lives was like a warm embrace, especially when we moved to Canada. She and Zuik welcomed us with open arms, making us feel like family from the start. We felt that their home filled with honesty, kindness, and laughter.
In her garden, Maryna was a true wizard. Everything she touched blossomed.
We deeply mourn the loss of Maryna, but we also celebrate the incredible impact she had on our lives. Maryna and Ziuk made us feel at home, no matter where we were, and their memories will always be cherished.
With heartfelt gratitude, we remember our dearest friend Maryna

Elena and Maria, June 26, 2024

Danek and Leszek and family

Dear family. I was very sorry when I heard about your loss and would be at Maryna's funeral to give you my condolences in person except for an out-of-town family obligation this weekend. I wish I could be at the reception. I have so many good memories! Working with Maryna in her garden, the day she and I dug out a shrub that was not doing well and that she insisted I needed to take to my home, sitting in the living room drinking tea as she explained to me about amber. I never look at that shrub when it's flowering without smiling as I think of her.

DJ Smith, June 27, 2024

Danek and Leszek and their families

You have my deepest sympathies on the passing of your beloved mother and grandmother.

Maryna was one of my closest friends. Maryna and Ziuk always gave a helping hand to anyone who needed it , including me in my first years in Canada, during the 70s in Montréal.

Maryna was always very, very proud of her sons and grandchildren. At every social gatherings, she was always reporting on their new achievements.

She loved nature and birds and she loved gems and her collection of ambers.

From many memorable moments with Maryna , some are more ingrained in my mind. Searching for accommodations by visiting dozens of apartments with me and my baby daughter in Montreal in 1970. Mushroom picking in the university park.
When visiting museum of nature in Sarasota Florida she gave a 20 minute lecture to the guide about ambers and was told to apply for the position as an expert.

She knew how to make even simple gestures meaningful. Over the past few years she would deliver the traditional pussy willow to me, before a Palm Sunday.

I will miss you Maryna and hopefully I will meet you wherever you are.

When I wrote this note, two yellow warblers or finches came to my window. Never saw them before .I now that this was a communique from you.
Thanks my friend.
Krystyna Kiszkiel

Krystyna Kiszkiel, June 28, 2024

Danek and Leszek

My sympathies to you in the loss of both your father and mother in the last year. I had the pleasure of working with Maryna both at the National Library and the federal library in the department of many names. She was always engaging and I looked forward to our encounters. We had some contact outside the library world. You may remember staying at our farmhouse "ski chalet" at Mont Tremblant in the 70s. I will always remember your mother. Thanks for the fulsome obituary.

Nancy Brodie, July 2, 2024

Danek, Leszek and families

Good bye my dearest friend. Maryna you were one of a kind, you introduced me to gardening and your enthusiasm and knowledge was never ending. You loved, smiled, laughed and we loved you. Our friendship was like having an older sister and Mum and good friend wrapped up in one package. How lucky I was! I miss you deeply.


Liz Robertson, July 2, 2024