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The Collective Ostrich Syndrom

It's highly argued that, in North America, we are in major death denial.  Death is something that everyone knows about, but nobody believes.  Like the ostrich, we stick our heads in the sand when it comes to talking about death, ignoring what will eventually be a reality for all of us.  

Understandably, families don't want to talk about death, as it's a very uncomfortable conversation to have.  They turn a blind eye to the inevitable in favour of more comfortable conversations and situations;  it's these families, however, that are found to be scrambling when a death inevitably occurs, answering a series of questions at a funeral home - under duress - about a topic that was never discussed.  Worse, no matter how many questions go answered, there may be lingering doubt as to whether a family has made the right decisions or upheld the wishes of a loved one.  

That's why communicating your final wishes is so important, and one of the best ways to do that is through professionals at a funeral home such as the Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa.  

A Meaningful Gift

Although it's one of the most difficult conversations to have, talking about death and prearranging your funeral services can be a gift to those left behind.  No matter how simple or intricate your plans or desires are, you have the power to provide peace of mind and certainty to loved ones in death by communicating your wishes.  

Trust the Professionals

Funeral directors deal with death every day, and are trained and licenced to help you communicate your wishes, your way.  They know the questions that need to be answered, the forms that need filling out, and can help you create a personalized service that reflects your life, honuors your memories, and passes on lessons to those left behind to carry.  The staff of the Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa is dedicated to helping you see your wishes through, without sales pressure or upselling. 

No Contract Needed

Talking about prearrangements with a funeral home does not mean that you commit yourself financially.  At the Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa, we can not only help you create your final arrangements, but we can also hold your wishes on file at your request, with no obligation to purchase or pre-pay.  Prearranging does not necessarily mean prepaying. 

Investing in Certainty

Although there is no requirement to pay in advance for funeral services, doing so can help alleviate the financial burden for loved ones.  Prepaying for funeral services ensures that prices are locked in, and your family will never have to pay any extra for any funeral good or service on a contract when a death occurs.  

Next Steps

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We would be honoured to start helping you plan your arrangements today. 

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