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Your Life’s Affairs: Getting them out of your head and onto paper / Part 6

Part 6 – Planning your end of life moments

If the tile of Part 6 sounds a little too serious, let’s put it this way: Planning the celebration of your life (before it’s too late).

A wonderful celebration of you. A time for your friends and family to come together and remember who you were, what they loved about you and how you left your mark on the world. Or maybe you don’t want any of that? No formality, no pomp and circumstance just a cardboard box and off you go.

Precisely the reason why planning your own funeral isn’t always such a bad idea. After all it is YOUR funeral, who better to know what you would have wanted than yourself?

To past generations many things that are a part of today’s funerals might seem offensive, uncaring, or perhaps not dramatic enough. But even today, different religions, cultures and individuals have very different ideas about the “correct” way to lay someone to rest. Death and mourning are deeply personal and what might seem logical and meaningful even to those closest to you, might in no way correspond to your expectations. Planning your funeral is important. You can’t please everyone, so just worry about pleasing the most important person at your funeral – you.

Simply put there is no right or wrong way to have a funeral. When you think of all the planning considerations, follow your bliss, even if it seems unconventional.

There are many aspects of planning your end of life moments that bring on all kinds of questions like: What happens after I actually pass away?

What if I don’t have a will?

Do I need to be embalmed?

Can I have a popcorn machine at my funeral? (I love popcorn)

Do I need to decide if I want to be cremated or buried now?

Can I write my own obituary?

A funeral director can answer all your questions, help guide you through what happens after you pass away, what is necessary for your care and what is optional. He or she can assist you in making the choices that will reflect your needs and create your affordable and dignified funeral arrangements in a professional and caring way.

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There are SO many choices, let the final ones be yours!

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