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Agenda for the 10th annual AGM


June 29, 2021

(Amended June 26, 2021)

1-      Territorial Acknowledgement

2-             Moment of Silence for Deceased Members

3-             Call to Order

4-             Notice of Meeting

5-             Determination of Quorum

6-             Nomination of Chair

7-             Approval of Agenda

8-             Approval of Minutes of the 2020 Annual General Meeting

9-             Matters Arising from the Minutes

10-         Amendment to Articles of Incorporation

11-     President’s Report

12-     Short Presentation on the Value of Pre-Arrangements

13-         Treasurer’s Report

14-         Auditor’s Report/Receipt of 2020 Audited Financial Statements

15-         Appointment of Auditor

16-         Report of FCO Parlons-en Project

17-         Report of Business Development and Membership Services Committee

18-         Report of Governance Committee

19-         Election of Board of Directors

20-         Other Business

21-         Close of Meeting

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