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“Consumer Information on Funeral Planning in Ontario”

Join us for a Zoom presentation:
“Consumer Information on Funeral Planning in Ontario”
This is a FREE presentation, hosted by retired Social worker and FCO Vice-President Beverlee McIntosh. Register for a 1 hour presentation that will help you start a meaningful conversation with your family about funeral planning.
Invite your family and friends to register at their convenience as well!
How do I start to talk to family about Funeral Planning?
What are the rules about scattering ashes? / Can I donate my body to science?
What is a Green Burial? / What is Aquamation?
Thursday April 1 @ 11am
Sunday April 11 @ 1pm
Tuesday April 27 @ 3pm
Tuesday May 11 @ 1pm
Sunday May 23 @ 3pm
To receive the Zoom link to join the presentation please email us at info@fco-cfo.coop or call during business hours (613)-288-2689.
Download a copy of our free Funeral Planning Guide from our website
https://www.fco-cfo.coop/en/ . You are welcome to drop by during business hours to pick up a copy at the Funeral Co-Operative of Ottawa, 419 St-Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, Ontario and see our newly renovated and expanded facilities.

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