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Giving Tuesday

Dear Friends,

Giving Tuesday is coming up on November 30th. It’s an annual action day to inspire people to consider a gift to the organizations they believe in. I hope you feel that way about the Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa. Your board certainly does!

This year, members of the Board have committed to contributing $100 each from our personal funds to match November and December 2021 donations from our members and friends.

You see, we’re serious about FCO’s mission. We believe that people deserve every consideration when they’re dealing with the loss of a friend or family member. That includes the confidence that they will receive full service, as offered by FCO, considerately delivered, at a fair price. And that no one will take advantage of them at this vulnerable moment by suggesting more elaborate arrangements than they wish or can afford.

If you have already made a gift to FCO, your board thanks you. Your generosity will help the co-op continue to fulfil its mission. We know our work is making a difference to the people of Ottawa at the time when they most need help and support.

Please think about FCO and give. If you would like a tax receipt, you will need to contribute online through the CHFT Charitable Fund on the Canada Helps website. Once there, click on “Donate Now.” Make sure to choose Option 3: Funeral Co-op of Ottawa. Your gift will go towards reducing FCO’s fees for low-income members. If you don’t need a charitable contribution receipt, you can give directly to the co-op by sending a cheque to the Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa at 419 St. Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa, Ontario K1K 2Z8. Your donation will be used to support the co-op’s growth and development.

Thank you for your generosity and support.

Yours with gratitude,

Nicholas Gazzard


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