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Resolution to be presented to 10th FCO AGA

Resolution to be presented to 10th FCO AGM, June 29, 2021:

This year the Board of Directors is asking members to vote on a resolution that was passed at the 2020 AGM regarding FCO’s membership fees. The resolution addressed a discrepancy between our Bylaws and our Articles of Incorporation. As the official government deadline for formally filing the amendment expired before we were able to complete the documentation, you are being asked to vote on this resolution again. The resolution is as follows:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Article 10 of the Articles of Incorporation be deleted and replaced by the following:

Each member shall pay a lifetime membership fee upon application for membership in the co-operative. The amount of the membership fee shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.

Tagged in: Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa Posted by: Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa Inc. Date : 31 May 2021