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Tips for enjoying the online AGM

Thank you for registering to attend the virtual

Annual General Meeting of the Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa

The Board of Directors and staff look forward to your joining the AGM zoom call this Tuesday. June 29th.

Tips for enjoying the meeting:
While the learning curve is steep as we all make the move to virtual meetings, we are benefiting from the overwhelmingly positive experience of our first virtual AGM held last September. Still, we continue to improve our processes and thank you for your patience.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy the meeting:

1-      Before joining the June 29 AGM, try a Zoom meeting with friends or family as a way to become familiar with the look and feel of the Zoom experience.      

2-      A weak internet signal may interfere with your connection to the meeting. If possible, use a wired connection rather than depend on the home/office WIFI. Check your internet connection before joining the meeting to ensure it is operating and providing a strong signal to the device you are using. Reduce the number of other devices/persons in your home that are also using the internet during the meeting.

3-      Use the ZOOM “Chat” feature to share your comments and tell us about any technical difficulties you may experience during the meeting. A volunteer will be on hand before and throughout the meeting to receive your comments and to help you solve any problems that crop up.

4-      Use the “Raise Hand” feature to speak.

5-      Follow the moderator throughout the meeting. He will guide you through the agenda and help you register your vote when motions are proposed.

6-      Read through the meeting documents and resolution before the meeting begins. The agenda is one of those documents.

7-      Reach out to us before June 29 with any questions you have. We will try to answer them before the meeting begins. Send your questions to us at:

 We look forward to seeing you online at the Annual General Meeting!

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