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Selecting a casket is an important decision.  A casket reflects a person's style and individuality. The Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa offers a wide range of caskets in different makes, models and materials that can accommodate all budgets, requirements, and preferences.

Some of our offerings include:  

Steel and semi-precious metal caskets - Bronze, Copper, Steel and Stainless Steel caskets offer unrivaled durability in a variety of custom finishes and gauges.

Hardwood caskets - Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry, Cedar, Maple, Oak, Pine, Ash, and Poplar caskets are beautifully crafted to provide warmth and beauty.

Green Caskets - Green caskets use no metals or chemicals, while offering the same features as hardwood. All materials are eco-friendly and approved by the Green Burial Council.

** Identifies which caskets are not suitable for cremation  


**Magog UR270 : 18 Gauge brushed steel, full couch, champagne velvet interior.


Magog 50CH6: Solid Oak, half couch, dark gold shade polish eggshell crepe interior.


Magog EC3003: Eco friendly, solid poplar, wood handles w/linen cotton interior.


Magog CH5001: Brahms, solid ash, half couch, rosetan crepe interior.


Magog FR3039: Oak, half couch, eggshell crepe interior.


Magog P-BC-001: Meggan Identification Container.


OMS CR-01: Finished plywood cremation container, no fixed interior.


CFO CR-01: Oriented strand board cremation container, no fixed interior.