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Take the time.

Take the time. Time to contemplate. Time to stroll. Time to do nothing. Surrender in silence to the beauty of what is, what was, what is no longer, what will no longer be. Absorb this continuity without judgment, beyond emotion. Let it flow through your mind, your body, like the stream which slowly creeps towards the vast splendor of the sea which receives it in gratitude. Beauty is everywhere, even in its absence, illuminating life itself. Even in suffering, creating connections between love received and love given, a depth of love unknown before. Welcome.

Waking up to the rising sun, listening to the rustling of the leaves, welcoming the gaze of homeless man. easing the sadness to make room for life. Losses, break-ups, deaths – all bearers of the possibilities of happiness. To be discovered.

Jacqueline Pelletier

Ottawa Funeral Co-operative Board of Directors

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